homegrown technology

Providing Farm Fresh, Organic Computer Solutions

Just like it sounds, an organic computer solution is something tangible; it's something that you can hold, control, and even adapt or change. This means we create open platform computers and open source web development to help your potential grow.


From Seed to Super-Computer.

When was the last time you bought a new computer? Buying a computer today has gotten extremely complicated when you consider all of the manufacturers and different specifications to chose from. Manufacturers have made it their business to add to this complexity knowing that you'll end up buying more than you need and more frequently.

It makes sense that more and more people are turning to custom-built and more open-platform computer solutions. These types of computers have been casually dubbed homegrown PCs similar to your backyard farmer producing homegrown vegetables from a garden. Instead of using proprietary components or software, Homegrown PCs are built around open standards so upgrading and changing the configuration is much easier. Because of these open-standards, Homegrown PCs are built to your specifications and unlike manufactured computers, only come with the software you choose... no trialware or junkware. You can even customize which operating system you run even if you need more than one loaded at a time.

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Wide Open Development.

In this day and age, you probably already have a website hosted on the Internet. However, when was the last time you've made a change to it? Most websites today are still using a great deal of proprietary technology preventing you from actually "authoring" your website. Sure, you may have some content management solution that will let you change the content, but what if you want to create a new application or connect to another piece of technology or social network? Is this even possible?

Your website should be an extension of your business or personality and perform some type of function for you instead of just being a phone book ad. Struckture provides the highest quality of custom web development inline with the latest web-standards in place by the W3C and web accessibility guidelines. We focus our designs around the user-experience of your visitors joined with the specific technology they use to view it whether browser, mobile, or even gaming console.

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Need Help? Think Local.

When you buy a new computer, manufacturers always have the cards stacked in their favor. This is true even with support. From the suite of junk-ware, custom hard drive partitions and images, to their proprietary case and locked BIOS; let's face it, something always goes wrong. When that happens, what can you do? The choice for most people is limited.

The best option is to find a local experienced technician. Experienced in this case is not a loose term. Even with all of the certifications in place, most technicians aren't experienced enough across manufacturers and different platforms to provide sufficient support. Struckture provides ethical systems support for all types of computer systems. Even with most manufactured computers, we can re-build and re-configure the hardware and the operating system. We focus on the business relationship and aren't commission based; our goal is to basically provide you the best possible solution. Give Struckture a call; the system evaluation is usually free and we work on location around your schedule.

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green web hosting

Green Web Hosting

To help make web hosting and power systems greener, Struckture provides green hosting backed by Wind Energy. In fact, with wind power, 3X the amount of energy we consume for our web hosting is put back to the grid.



Electronic waste contains harmful chemicals and metals that should stay out of our landfills. Struckture recycles nearly 100% of our waste generated. Using local recycling centers, we ensure that e-waste is handled appropriatly instead of being shipped over seas.



We think every little bit counts. Struckture uses our own paperless accounting software and employs other technology to keep our invoicing, bid process, and even our corespondence with our customers as paperless as possible.