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Are You Your Own IT Department?
Small Business Owners Tend to Wear a Lot of Hats

Most small business owners wear a lot of hats shifting focus between each emergency that demands attention. Today you're doing accounting, a little sales, and marketing until your Internet goes down or worse your only computer. The technology landscape is ever growing and changing from new hardware, services, and resulting security threats.


Remote Support

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Receive support for any and all of your systems over the web. Simple and Secure remote support to the rescue.

Don't let tech support interrupt or halt your business. Struckture provides prompt remote support for your IT environment and hardware. With approved access, we can securely connect to help you troubleshoot your issue as if we were in front of your machines.

We can connect within minutes while removing travel time, work disruptions, and scheduling conflicts.


Technology Troubleshooting

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Most hardware works great until it doesn't taking your business down with it. We can quickly find a solution and get you back to work.

Dead PC, network outage, or software not working? Struckture has over 20 years of hardware experience for diagnosing the most complicated issues. We can diagnose your PC, network, and hardware to help find or create a solution. With access to just about any type of hardware component, we can fix and replace most hardware devices on your network.

Should it be time to upgrade, we can assist in the purchase and setup of any new technology and integrate it into your business. We can even help migrate data and software to a new device and help you recycle the old one.


Data Redundancy

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Buildings can be rebuilt and equipment can be replaced. The one thing that can't is your company data.

The problem with most office backups (if there is one currently in place) is there's only one copy which is usually located on the same drive, network, or location which has never been tested for recovery. Struckture can help you establish a 3 stage redundancy solution with disaster off-site availability adding additional protection from crypto malware.

We can help you manage your redundancy policy as your business evolves over time and provide scheduled tests to ensure you're properly protected. We can help you recover any combination of files from different dates/times should you accidentally delete or need to rollback to a previous version.


Maintenance Schedules

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Spending too much time making sure you computer is working than actually working? We'll keep your hardware tuned and ready to go.

Accidents happen all the time so why wait for one to happen? Struckture has several proactive Managed Support options with scheduled onsite visits to help maintain the life of your IT hardware and network.

We can usually detect and troubleshoot issues long before they threaten your day-to-day operations.

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Do You Need Some Help?

No matter the issue you're facing, we have the technique and tools to get you quickly back on your feet. Whether we're talking about your PC hardware, network, website, or anything else with a power button we're just a few questions away.