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A website has a permanent, full-time role in your business. Rather than thinking of it as a self contained project with a start and end, think of it as your first employee to be developed through the life of your business. You hire people with some specific job functions and skills not just hold up your logo, why should your website be any different?


Trusted Cloud Hosting

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Hosting your website, applications, and ideas with plenty of power and room to grow. From small to large business, we've got you covered!

Your project or website needs a place to live in the cloud. Struckture provides local Montana based cloud hosting for your project that scales with your business. We pair custom VPS and dedicated servers with our trusted managed service to provide the most reliable, secure environment for your projects and databases.

Our hosting is backed by our experienced support response and we continually monitor up-time and built in redundancy so you're always ready for business.


SEO Performance

Building organic search results starts by building a website that is well organized and targets your specific demographic.

How you see your website is very different than how a search engine like Google and Bing does. There is a balance between design (content and imagery) and the underlying code that goes beyond just basic keywords. The best websites today are not only well designed for customers but are also optimized for agility, speed, and code efficiency. Struckture can evaluate your existing site for optimizations.

We can also explore a site redesign with a foundation including search engine optimization and outstanding customer service. Search engine listings are only one part of the equation. When your customers ultimately find your site, you need to give them a reason to stay.


Brand Management

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More than just search engine results. Your online reputation matters.

Along with your domain name and website, there are several online listings and social networks your customers frequent. Customers more than ever are referring to these listings when making their purchase decisions using peer reviews and other submitted information.

Your customers are viewing/posting information and reviews about your business so it's important to consider how your brand is being represented. Struckture can help you secure and manage your online business listings and social media profiles to keep your business information relevant and professional.


Email Solutions

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Do your best work together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone, or tablet.

If you're still using your inbox as your todo list, things are going to fall through the cracks. Struckture is a Google GSuite Provider which enables you to stay connected and collaborate with your team on any device. Automate your team's workflow with shared team calendars, contacts, documents/forms, and even video chat/instant messaging across all devices and platforms including MS Outlook.

We provide user management and support for permissions/access and can facilitate data migrations from your existing system.


Domain Management

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Define and protect your place in the cloud.

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your web presence. Like an online business card, your domain name is an extension of your brand that defines who you are and what you do. It's also how people find you online and interact with your business through your digital services like email so it's important it's setup right.

Struckture can help you find and secure your domain name in all available top-level domains. We safeguard all of our domains with domain privacy and management to maintain security for your brand and customer trust.


Secure Certificates

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Provide a trusted online experience for your customers.

If you collect any customer data from your website, your need to protect it using an SSL Certificate (secure sockets layer) or https://. An SSL certificate is something setup at the hosting level of your website which essentially creates a secure method for your customers to provide sensitive information.

If you plan on accepting any kind of payment using credit cards, your merchant service provider will require your site to be secured with an SSL certificate. Struckture can help secure your site with the correct certificate option for online apps/e-commerce solution.


Custom Web Design

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The most effective websites on the Internet today are the ones that deliver outstanding customer experiences.

There's more to building a great website than buying a template or theme. Great websites should not only look good but be designed for the demographic viewing it. Navigation, imagery, animations, and content should all have a purpose designed to create a relationship between you and your customer no matter the device they're using.

Struckture is an award winning web design/development company that can help you extend your company's brand and mission to the cloud. We leverage open web standards and the latest trends to custom build impactful websites that not only meet the needs of your business but the interests of your customers. Give them a reason to come back.


Custom Programming

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Build custom applications that help automate your workflow.

Your website should be more than an online yellow page ad. It's your opportunity to engage and interact with your customers through an automated workflow. Allow customers to sign up, subscribe, schedule an appointment, or simply buy your products and services securely from your website without having to leave your URL. Your customers today already have a set of expectations when they visit your website.

If it doesn't deliver, it can affect how they view you and your business. Struckture can help you build fast, scalable web applications to maximize customer engagement. We can build custom reports to help you measure customer retention through actual conversions instead of just web traffic.

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